About us

Carbo Concept is production-exporting company with over 30 years of existing.

Being (working on) in engineering and production of PET stretch blow molding machines (that produces PET wrapping material).

Reference list

Germany Great Britain Russia Estonia Austria Italy Greece Portugal Slovakia Czech

USA Brazil Columbia UAE Dubai Iran Iraq Kuwait Pakistan Egypt Senegal

Kenya Ivory Coast Cameroon Togo Mozambique Sudan Tahiti Seychelles Hungary Cyprus

Romania Israel Norway Croatia Bosnia Herzegovina Macedonia Montenegro

We found our production program on three basic models : automatic machines "Compact A4" and "Butterfly 1200", and half automatic "Semiautomat" machine.

By modification of these three basic models, we successfully meet even very specific customer's requirements with references in over 37 countries all over the world.

On the initiative of United Nations and trough our representative, German company Plast Egineering Knauff, we are taking participation in creating world unique mini water factory in 20 ft transport containers and 40 ft.

For innovative tehnical-technological solutions on our machine we won a "Bayerischer Staatspreis" gold medal 2002. at Munchen exhibition (Germany), and for design on different models we won prizes at the exhibition Novi Sad in 2002. and 2003.

Considering that machines from our production program are covering wide field in food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and that we attained exceptional ratio between price and quality, we have reason to believe in real chance of successful performance at your market, and in opening possibilities of economic expanding in already existing traditional relations between our countries.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Social responsibility

Carbo Concept, as socially responsible company, participated many times in culture, sport as well as humanitarian actions, helping local children hospital and children without parents taking care of their education.

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