Container - mobile water factory

Container - mobile water factory Carbo Concept has been developed especial PET stretch blow molding machine models for mobile water factory.

Only because of characteristics and innovative solutions of our machines which resulted with very small power consumption, dry running characteristics, using low voltage electrical network, and low pressure compressors, it was possible to create this very important mobile water factory project.

Beside our machine, inside of containerized mobile water factorie there are filling plant, power generator and the rest of units made by other western European manufacturers.

Mobile water bottling plant in action:

These containerized mobile water factories are completly autonomous and ready to operate in a few hours after being placed near water source (river, lake etc).

Container - mobile water factory Container - mobile water factory

That way they are solving very serious drinking water lack problem at the areas affected by earthquake, flood, tsunami, where is difficult and even impossible to deliver fresh bottled water.

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